Golf is a wonderful game: it all started out with a simple stick and a rock. Man took these two items and decided to create a way to entertain himself. After all, what else was there to do for fun before the 15th century that didn't involve beheadings and fighting wars?

Welcome to the Golf clubs in Newcastle website. We hope our website will provide you with an informative portal into the world of golf in the north east, and throughout all of England. Everything from sourcing your local golf club, peer reviews of each club, applying for club membership, buying your golf equipment and other resources, you can find it here.

Golf is a game of glory and humiliation. You can shoot a birdie on one hole and hit it onto the roof of a house on the next. They have yet to build the rollercoaster that can even remotely compare and golfers know it. Here at the Golf clubs in Newcastle website we aim to provide you with every golfing resource you might need to become a better golfer and enjoy that rollercoaster ride as much as you can. If there is anything you would like to know or to see us cover regarding the world of golf please get in touch and let us know about it.

Golf clubs in Newcastle website

Welcome to the Golf clubs in Newcastle website. Whatever you level, whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, we have something for you.

For beginners and veterans alike, the issues are the same. Buying a decent set of golf clubs is not at all effortless. Some people keep asking that if irons and woods have to be the same brand, or if they should clone names. Answer is usually always the same, as long as you know their composition and they fit your weight, length, shaft and flex requirements.

And what makes a good golf course? Many people think a golf course consists of nothing more than a large green lawn or field. While it may have this appearance from a distance, a good golf course is much more that. The way the land is laid out is very important to someone looking to buy land to make a golf course. If they choose a large flat piece of land, they'll have a lot of work and expense ahead of them if they want a golf course that golfers will want to keep coming back to.

Furthermore what about your form? A death move in the golf swing is a hip slide. Learning how to stop a hip slide during your golf swing is crucial to better ball striking and consistency. Several veteran golfers say that golf is more of a game for the mind. Assuming this is true, little tweaks on the manner you approach golf will go a long, long way in quickly improving your game. Contact us for advice on your golfing form, golf courses, golf equipment, everything!